Ways we foster sustainable farming and local living throughout New England

1. Education - #KnowYourFarmer

Sounds simple and it is. Take a few moments to visit your local farmers market or chat with your butcher. Be curious, ask questions and when you're in a supermarket - always ask for local. Here's the minimum of what you should know about the food you eat and the people who produce it:

The name of both the farm where the animals were raised and the farmers who own it.
How far away the farm is - it could be between 100 or 10,000 miles away!
Is the meat is fresh from the farm or made 5 stops on the way to the case. JUST ASK!
If the animals were treated ethically.
If the farm do damage to the environment or improve it.
If the animals were given antibiotics.
If the farmer supports the farming community.
If their farming practices are sustainable.

NOTE: 80% of the lamb consumed in the US is in New England. Yes, we love lamb! Unfortunately, most of the lamb purchased is from out west or New Zealand.

2. Whole Animal Program - #AllTasteNoWaste

Farmers Markets, meat shares, restaurants, delis, fine food distributors, neighborhood marketing and supermarkets are all selling our fresh lamb. Most of our customers practice Whole Animal Butchery. In fact, our goal is to sell only whole animals to every customer. In addition to the more well-known cuts, lamb offals and bones make delicious stock and haggis is building up steam here in the States.

3. Supporting Local Businesses

- Brew2Ewe

- Ewe2Yarn

4. Being Involved

North Star Sheep Farm is and will continue to be active in furthering the sustainable development of farming in Maine. We serve leadership roles in the following:
~ Maine’s Agriculture Committee - President
~ Maine Board of Agriculture
~ Maine Sheep Breeders Association - President
~ Cumberland County Farm Bureau - Director