Our Sustainable Farming Philosophy Delivers Fresh, Pasture-Raised Maine Lamb

Every morning at daybreak, our sheep wake to graze freely in spacious fields of rich, unspoiled pastures so we can bring you the very best in delicious, all-natural lamb - just as we have for more than 100 year.

Throughout our history, we have always taken great pride in our commitment to operating a natural, ethical and sustainable farm.

We understand the importance of the health of our livestock, the preservation of the land that feeds us, and the well-being of the people who help us bring our product to market.

We treat our flock with the utmost respect and work diligently to promote whole animal butchery as to not waste the precious resources of food and fiber that they have given us.

We believe the tender treatment of our animals leads to a better product.

“Our love of good, wholesome
living combined with a pride in
growing great products has been a
winning combination for our farm,
our animals and our customers.”
~ Lisa Webster, Owner

Our Whole Animal Program

We always encourage our chefs and craft butchers to achieve the level of whole animal usage. Our Distributors are committed to the whole animal and break the carcass further to ensure the whole animal is used by each and every participating chefs and meat market.