Our Sustainable Farming Philosophy Delivers Natural, Maine-Made Yarn

All our wool is shipped to Bartlett Yarns in Harmony, Maine where it is turned into some of the best yarn you can buy.

The vintage woolen mill sits on Higgins Stream and holds the last remaining working spinning mule in the United States. It was founded in 1821 with the original spinnery being powered by an undershot water wheel. This was eventually replaced by a water turbine and then converted to electricity.

Bartlett Yarn's vintage machinery is some of the last of its kind in the USA.

Watch the video below for more about our partnership with Bartlett Yarns.

Mainers and New Englanders in general have a passion for seeing that ‘everything old is new again.’ The fiber industry is just another piece of history that if we lose it, we never get it back.
— Lisa Webster

Preserving history for the future is at the heart of our partnership with Bartlett Yarns